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Housing For The Homeless

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In 2016, Los Angeles voters approved a $1.2 billion bond towards housing for the city’s growing homeless population. Now, the Los Angeles Department of City Planning has proposed new guidelines to make the construction for housing the homeless and formerly homeless residents faster.

With these guidelines the department, under the city’s plan for housing homelessness, suggest that around 1,000 units of permanent supportive housing will need to be constructed each year; however, only about 300 units are actually being constructed annually. To fix this enormous gap, LA planners have sketched out a new system in which projects that include supportive housing could benefit from faster approvals, and being able to accomplish that under a year.

In the article, “More housing or more homelessness,” by the Chronicle Editorial Board says quite a lot of the predicament the legislators are currently in.  They have been vigorously trying to solve California’s housing emergency and yet another statewide suffering comes abrupt, an increase in homelessness.

 Michael Macor, The Chronicle

Michael Macor | The Chronicle

Legislative leaders have in a way agreed on a package of bills to help start affordable-housing subsidies and lower the terms to development that have created a huge gap between housing supply and demand. But the deal has been at a halt with doubts surfacing about the Assembly Democrats’ ability to make a two-thirds vote for a real estate transaction fee to fund affordable housing, with a lot of legislatures opposing. In turn the conclusion that this brings us is that legislatures that do not vote for the fee to approve more housing is actually voting for more homelessness across southern and whole California.

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