March 11, 2016 The Code Solution

First Look: New Single Family Home To Be Constructed In Hancock Park

With tree-lined streets and historic family homes, Hancock Park is a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of its surrounding Los Angeles neighborhoods. Much like Larchmont Village and Windsor Square, it also offers an inviting mix of culture, cuisine, architecture and community ambience. Our team has been working with a local investor to design a single family home in the center of Hancock Park, Los Angeles that will give this whimsical neighborhood a modern touch.


The main idea behind the project was to create a contemporary interpretation of a typical single family home. Originally, the client came to us with a lot containing an existing building. Their plan was to demolish the existing building and construct a new, single family home to resell. Their original design idea included 4 bedrooms, a pool, an outdoor activity area, and open space for the living room and kitchen area. In an attempt to achieve this, we simplified the building form by merging clear edges and open spaces with great views. For the materials, we used a combination of wood, glass, and stucco. Some of the most noticeable features are the use of neutral colors and glass openings in façade of the building.

From the original project idea to the end result, we have added a few additional features and details. In addition to the client’s requests, we added a two car private garage, a roof deck with a jacuzzi, and two custom steel staircases. We also extended the backyard in order to make room for an outdoor barbeque area. This extension replaced the backside of the pool that originally extended around to the patio. Additionally, a spiral staircase leading to the master suite in the form of a private entrance was added in order to remain code compliant.

What it includes

As a whole, the home includes four bedrooms, four and a half baths, a kitchen with a long island, a living area with a double height ceiling, swimming pool, outdoor patio, roof deck with jacuzzi and a two car private garage. The overall aesthetic of the home can be described as modern, simple, and functional.

Currently, the project is in the preliminary stages of construction, but we are excited to see the design come to life!

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