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Glendale may no longer be real estate development friendly

At a recent meeting open to the public, the City of Glendale presented the South Glendale Community Plan, which includes a downtown specific plan. The purpose of the plan is to tie past efforts into one plan and update the neighborhood vision. The meeting was the first session in a series of four as the Glendale Council has just started to review the city’s history of community plans, downzoning, and South Glendale development.

South Glendale is a retail hub and makes up about half of the Glendale population. With the Rezoning Plan in 1990, the city limited the population from 200,00 to a maximum of 225,000. This number is likely to remain the same for the new plan. The city has also already approved 4,000 apartment units to meet the need of this population cap. Additionally, the city has downzoned several times in the past. From 1945 to 1985, R-4 zoning allowed for very high density. From 1990 to 2016, the city significantly downzoned with R-1650 zoning.

Although it will take a year for the plan to go to motion, it is clear that there will be a change in the mood of real estate development for South Glendale with possible downzoning and reduction of density. Therefore, if you are a real estate developer and you have a plan to develop a property in South Glendale, it would be in your best interest to get the plans approved as soon as possible because it will be much harder to do so a year from now. Bottom line, you will have a year to operate under the old community plan before the new plan is adopted.

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